Friday, 1 November 2019

November at the Bicton Inn, 5 Bicton Street, Exmouth EX8 2RU

Saturday 2nd November 5pm
Guy Somerfield
Autumn Beer Festival
An afternoon featuring an eclectic mixture of music from Exmouth’s favourite troubadour. Singer/songwriter Guy Somerfield again delivers his very polished performance of songs with an original twist, ranging from gentle folk to pulsing rock and everything in-between. He will also be playing some of his own brilliant songs.

Sunday 3rd November 5pm
Derek Hanson and Bradley the Busker
Autumn Beer Festival
Enjoy an eclectic selection of acoustic music from two of Exmouth’s favourite singer/guitarists when they perform popular covers along with some of their own brilliant original songs.

Thursday 7th November 8.30pm
Bicton Folk Session
Enjoy an evening of lively, foot-tapping music when local musicians get together for an open acoustic session featuring accordions, violins, guitars, banjos, mandolins, pipes, bodhrans etc. Anyone can come and join in, lead a tune or just enjoy listening to the amazing sound created by the performers. The session usually includes lots of jigs, reels, polkas, airs and shanties, but anything can happen!

Saturday 9th November 5pm
Joe Whibley & Malcolm Horton
Enjoy a fabulous double bill of live acoustic music. Singer/guitarist Joe Whibley performs some of the more unusual but interesting songs from the past 30years. Songwriter and troubadour Malcolm Horton will woo you with some of his beautiful original songs. Joe and Malcolm will be joined by  some of therie musical friends

Sunday 10th November 5pm
Bicton Street Blues
Authentic rock and blues just as it sounded in the 50s and 60s. Bicton Street Blues features talented Exmouth bluesmen Dave Gwilliam and Olly Davy. Dave originally fronted popular bands including Laughing Gravy and the Fourbeats. Talented multi-instrumentalist Olly has played in a variety of well known folk and blues bands including the Junkyard Angels.

Thursday 14h November 8.30pm
Open Mic Night
An evening of music from anyone who would like to come along and perform in this relaxed atmosphere. The monthly event has so far included a wide range of musical genres and given exposure to some very talented musicians, poets and singers. If you have a musical talent, you don’t have to book a place, just come along and play.

Saturday 16th November 5pm
Reefs of Moonshine
Enjoy an afternoon in the company of singer/songwriter duo Reefs of Moonshine. Lisa’s angelic voice is beautifully complemented by Nick’s intricate guitar playing. In addition to own arrangements of popular melodic songs Reefs will be performing some of their own evocative songs.

Sunday 17th November 5pm
Graham Butterfield
This amazing guitarist was inspired by artists such as Lead Belly, Woody Guthrie, Alan Lomax and Burl Ives, He has been playing guitar since childhood and by the age of fifteen was doing floor spots at London's folk clubs. He went on to make regular appearances on Terry Wogan's radio show, BBC Radio 1, and BBC television, including 'Pebble Mill At One'. Today Graham will be playing a wide selection of music from unaccompanied traditional ballads to London music hall, English folk to American country blues.

Thursday 21st November 8.30pm
Folk and Indie Open Night
Becky Brookes hosts her regular monthly evening of eclectic acoustic folk, country and indie music featuring a varied selection of singers and players. There will be some session playing, solo performances, poetry, shanty singing and who knows what else! If you sing or play you are welcome to take part.

Saturday 23rd November 5pm
Los No Boss
The brilliant Los No Boss are a popular duo throughout the South West and well known for their highly humorous original songs, many about the West Country and the people who live here. In addition to their humour, the duo who write all their own songs, create a great sound and cover a plethora of musical genres.

Sunday 24th November 5pm
Phil Hogg
Don’t miss this amazing singer and multi-instrumentalist. Phil Hogg has been creating music since childhood as a chorister and budding musician, playing any instruments he could get his hands on. Since then he has been active on the music scenes in London, Northumberland and Japan, as a solo artist and band member. His first gig at the Bicton will see him performing a wide range of genres from folk to classical, gospel to country featuring his fantastic singing and impressive piano playing. He will also perform some of his own evocative songs. Phil welcomes audience participation, so get your voices in trim!

Thursday 28th November 8.30pm
Bicton Folk Night
Shanty man Derek Brooks invites you to a traditional folk night, when a varied selection of singers, musicians and poets perform individually and as a group. If you sing or play why not come along and join in the session? Otherwise enjoy listening to a selection of lively traditional acoustic music.

Saturday 30th November 5pm
Not to be missed, Skylark's repertoire includes uplifting arrangements of Blues, Irish, Bluegrass, Old Time American and Contemporary songs with two part harmony singing, fiddle, flute, mandolin, guitar and percussion.. They regularly perform live on local radio and appear to rapturous applause at music festivals throughout the South West.

Sunday 1st December 5pm
Tim Royce and Steve Songi
Acoustic guitar & vocals plus double bass - country, folk, blues and ballads - mellow to rocking. Tim and Steve stamp their own unique sound onto a huge repertoire ranging from Elvis to Elton, James Taylor to Jimi, Simon & Garfunkel to the Stones, Nick Drake to Dylan, and loads more too numerous to fit in here... Why be anywhere else?

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Gothic Dartmoor On Tour

Gothic Dartmoor On Tour

Autumn 2019

Friday 11th October 7.30pm  - Clearbrook Village Hall - Tickets £12 - 01837 53754

Saturday 12th October 7.30pm  - Cygnet Theatre Exeter – Tickets £12 -  01392 277189

Gothic Dartmoor is a concert bringing alive traditional Dartmoor ghosts, mythical beasts and strange happenings through the musical and vocal talents of four professional performers from Wren Music : Hannah Cumming, Jon Dyer, Marilyn Tucker and Paul Wilson. Set in the folk idiom, the programme rises from the swirling mists and deep history of the inspirational wilderness of Dartmoor. The choir in this performance is drawn from Wren Music’s ‘Voices in Common’ Folk Choirs from around Devon. 
Songs have been selected from the folksong collection made at the end of the 19th century by squire and parson Revd Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924), and others, newly composed, have been inspired by his writings . Childe the Hunter tells the story of how Childe’s Tomb came to be, My Lady’s Coach is about the 17th century lady who rides in a coach of bones every night from Tavistock to Okehampton, and the Three Ravens are the hags of the medieval battlefield (Dartmoor’s Valkuries).

Among the new songs featured in the show will be The Wild Hunt re-telling the myth of the terrifying Yeth Hounds, The Ballad of Ellie Chapman about a recent tragic death, and The Hairy Hand setting the uniquely Dartmoor legend into song.

Death and The Lady and Cold Blows the Wind are quite matter of fact conversations in song between humans and visitors from the other world. Balancing these thrilling pieces will be plenty of levity - with talking animals in songs like Kitty Alone and plenty of chances to join in singing choruses. 

Musically the programme has plenty of variation and interest. The musicians have pooled their talents to bring you the sounds of accordion, fiddle, flute, guitar and double bass. All four of the performers sing and there are strong vocal harmony pieces as well as sparkling instrumentals. The Gothic Choir is a group of singers brought together specially for this event adding atmosphere and power.
Further Information - Paul Wilson
M – 07855 882 319

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Join the choral force behind the fight to end homelessness

As we embark on a new term, I wanted to update you on the progress of our project in support of the Crisis plan to end homelessness.

Latest news
We now have more than 30 choirs committed to perform Ring the Bells in their Christmas concerts and services.  This week, the London Philharmonic Orchestra has published an article about the project in its Tune In magazine.  We've also built pages on our website to help choirs and supporters find all the relevant information they need in one place:

- general project information
- FAQs for choirs (including learning tracks)
- list of performances

There's still time to get involved
- confirm whether your choir is performing Ring the Bells and let me know the date(s) and venue(s) of your performance(s) so they can be added to our website
- keep promoting the project to other choirs
- create a fundraising page under the Crisis campaign
- encourage non-singers to start their own fundraising project for Crisis

If you have any outstanding queries, please just get in touch.

Best wishes,

Tessa Bartley
London Philharmonic Choir
c/o Hinde Street Methodist Church
19 Thayer Street
+44 (0) 7887 803519

Monday, 19 August 2019


Saturday 21st September 2019, St Mary's Church, High Street, Totnes, TQ9 5NN
ENSEMBLE HESPERI: The Pheasant's Eye
Click here for more information

Saturday 14th December 2019, St Mary's Church, Totnes TQ9 5NN
Click here for more information
Saturday 18th April, 2020,  St Mary's Church, Totnes TQ9 5NN
JOGLARESA: The Enchantress of Seville
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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Possible Folk event venue.

The Reforge Retreat Bar, Bonfire Hill, Black Torrington, Beaworthy EX21 5QH Devon is keen to put on folk music events with local musicians twice a month. For more information visit website, FaceBook page or email

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Solo Artist – Debut Album by Mike Walford Footprints, Shorelines, Highways is now available

CD  “ FOOTPRINTS, SHORELINES  HIGHWAYS “ is priced out at only  £7 (including post & packing ) and 50% of these proceeds will be donated  to our “Little Harbours" Children’s Hospice SW.

For more information email Mike Walford

November at the Bicton Inn, 5 Bicton Street, Exmouth EX8 2RU

Saturday 2nd November 5pm Guy Somerfield Autumn Beer Festival An afternoon featuring an eclectic mixture of music from Exmouth’s favourite t...